Nick- 'Joe & I Are In Best Relationship Ever'

Nick, 'Joe & I Are In Best Relationship Ever'

Nick Jonas did not have a direct hand is the album recorded by his brother Joe: 'On the writing side and all that, I didn't, really. However, I feel like when it was all coming in, I was looking at all the tracks, and he would get really excited to play me some songs. And I was excited to hear it, just to see that he'd really come a long way. Joe and I, our relationship is probably the best it's been in many years. And we're happy to support each other in our individual endeavors and I'm happy for him and his single and all he's going through with that. And I think he made the perfect record for him to release, and it's really fantastic. I'm proud of him for that.'

On the new Jonas album: 'There definitely is, in our minds, and we're looking forward to the day when we come back together and start working on music again. However, I think it's going to be a little while before we're back in the studio or back touring. And so we're enjoying this season of just kind of following our individual dreams and aspirations and all that.


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